DarkSky Technologies

DarkSky Technologies is a consortium of small business subject matter experts providing scientific and engineering expertise to the customer.


Each subject matter expert is hand picked for their expertise and knowledge in their specific area.


The aim of DarkSky Technologies is through Research and Development (R&D) our scientists and engineers build innovative ideas that allow specialist users to:

  •  Design
  •  Build
  •  Detect
  • Evade
  • Protect
  •  Adapt
  •  Train
  •  Learn

Innovation and competitive UK defence and security industries play a major part in addressing the threats we face.

Innovation in the products and services that they provide helps maintain our advantage over adversaries. Ensuring that they are globally competitive helps to sustain the skills and capabilities that we need:

– National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence Review.

Cheaper technologies increase adversaries capabilities.

Simple and low-cost interventions often provide the best value for money, fastest route to market and have the quickest effect.