DarkSky Technologies

DarkSky Technologies is a consortium of small business subject matter experts providing scientific and engineering expertise to the customer.


Our scientists and engineers build innovative ideas through Research and Development allowing specialist users to:

  •  Design
  •  Build
  •  Detect
  • Evade
  • Protect
  •  Adapt
  •  Train
  •  Learn

Innovation will play a major part in addressing the defence and security challenges that we face. As technologies get cheaper our adversaries have greater and diverse capabilities and we need to create simple and low-cost interventions to maintaining our advantage over adversaries, fast and effectively.

DarkSky’s Suite of Technologies  


Our product range includes a series of directional antennas, a 60GHz beamforming tactical fibre replacement solution and an EW RF deception capability.

DarkSky Antenna Solutions

Darksky has several antenna solutions that can be offered as an ‘add on’ to existing antennas, two types of clip on reflector (mast mounted and vehicle mounted) and one inflatable reflector.  All three offer


Extended Range: Large increase in range and network

Extended Range: Large increase in range and network

Rapid deployment

Rapid Deployment: Lightweight, quickly assembled and easily deployed for static vehicles and HQs.

Mast in field

Link Quality: Better link quality allowing for robust HQ-HQ communications.


System & antenna agnostic: Simple add on to existing antennas and systems.


Innovation C3 solution: Enhanced asset resilience, reducing threat whilst maintaining communication.

THEIA: Beamforming Tactical Fibre Replacement


PhoenixC4i Ltd are developing a 60GHz beamforming tactical fibre replacement solution. This will allow tactical nodes to connect wirelessly over high data rates at medium range (1km). This solution can be utilised in the following scenarios.

  • Static – static: This would support the forming of headquarters, provide an ability to connect over contested or challenging terrain (dead ground, rivers, roads)
  • Mobile – mobile: Logistic patrol